April 30, 2021

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We are extremely happy and proud that our EUROSTARS proposal was successful and ranked an amazing 9th position among 378 proposals. Together with a consortium composed of the labs of Prof. Gibbs and Prof. De Gruijl (University of Amsterdam) and the French company Damae Medical (Paris) we will bring theM-Duo technology to the next level.

From January 2021, our combined teams will develop a new type of laboratory instrument for in vitro cancer research. The instrument  will embed IMcoMET’s M-Duo technology and Damae’s LC-OCT non-invasive skin imaging technology. This will simultaneously allow high resolution 3D mapping of internal skin structures and the tissue microenvironment composition over time. We will showcase our concept using advanced immune-competent in vitro melanoma models  produced in the laboratories of Prof. Gibbs and De Gruijl.

June 15, 2020