Skin cancer therapy

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Cancer cells produce hundreds of signals to shield themselves from the patient’s immune system. Most successful current treatments use medicines to inactivate one or two of these signals. But there are too many of them, they change over time and they are different between tumors. They even change from one area to another within the same tumor. As a result, even the most advanced treatments  are only successful in 30% to 40% of patients. Often with severe side-effects and at a high cost.

We have developed a technology that allows to physically remove soluble cancer signals altogether. Handling the tumor in this way prevents tumor growth,  metastasis, and re-opens the tumor for the immune cells to enter and destroy it.

IMcoMET’s M-Duo Technology® has already shown to slowdown tumor growth in vitro.

We are currently working hard to accumulate evidence that our strategy against cancer works. We are using our M-Duo technology® to continuously flush out the signals produced by mini tumors grown in a petri dish . We focus on reducing the speed of tumor growth, stimulating the attraction and activation of immune cells to kill the tumor, and removal of the key factors for metastasis: exosomes and micro vesicles.

Our pre-clinical tools

A unique research tool for the study of the 3D tissue microenvironment in culture.

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A novel device for automatic and non-invasive serial micro-sampling of dermal interstitial fluid for laboratory animals.

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A cutting edge laboratory benchtop instrument for the 3D mapping of both skin internal structure as well as the tissue microenvironment composition over time.

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