Pre-clinical R&D tools

Our M-Duo Technology® is embedded in novel laboratory tools, allowing other scientists to use it for their research.

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We are developing a line of pre-clinical research tools based on the M-Duo technology®, to make it available for a broad range of applications.

Despite its biological relevance, the microenvironment is an understudied compartment. This is mainly due to the difficulty to sample and modify interstitial fluid that contains all soluble factors that contribute to the microenvironment. IMcoMET’s pre-clinical research tools use the proprietary M-Duo technology® to help you locally control and sample the microenvironment of your 3D tissue cultures or tissue biopsies. Position the microneedles at your spot of interest and inject compounds to create local compound gradients. Or extract, to sample the interstitial fluid from the microenvironment. Measure protein expression and metabolites. Collect vesicles and exosomes. Spatiotemporally and minimally invasive.

Our pre-clinical tools

A unique research tool for the study of the 3D tissue microenvironment in culture.

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A novel device for automatic and non-invasive serial micro-sampling of dermal interstitial fluid for laboratory animals.

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A cutting edge laboratory benchtop instrument for the 3D mapping of both skin internal structure as well as the tissue microenvironment composition over time.

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