Skin cancer diagnostics & companion diagnostics

Skin cancer patients and their needs are at the heart of our innovation. Patients need to receive the treatment that will provide them the most favorable outcome. And they need assurance that the treatment they are receiving is truly effective. Both require personalized diagnostic tests. These tests detect biomarkers that can be used to select drug treatments or to measure the effect of the selected therapy.  

IMcoMET is developing a wearable skin patch with the proprietary M-Duo technology. The skin patch is placed on or near the skin lesion. Once in place the microneedles allow single, multiple or continuous extraction of skin interstitial fluid: a biofluid that is a rich source of biomarkers. Several micro-liters can be collected within minutes in a non-invasive way. The extracted interstitial fluid is a high-quality biological sample. It is collected, stored and ready to be used for downstream analyses, such as proteomics, metabolomics, and transciptomics.

IMcoMET is currently using its M-Duo technology to extract skin interstitial fluid and explore its contents with proteomics and metabolomics.

We are interested in new diagnostic applications of our M-Duo technology. If our technology can help progress your research, feel free to contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities.